LGRED° Powerful Heating Technology

Stay comfortably warm during even the coldest winter days with industry-leading LGRED° (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) Heat Technology.

Products featuring LGRED° heat technology boast superior heating performance: 100% heating capacity performance down to 5°F and continuous heating operations down to -13˚F! This increased performance not only delivers heat when traditional models are unable to but also operates with incredible efficiency; making products with LGRED Heat the ideal heating solution for less temperate regions of the country.

LGRED is a key performance-enhancing feature of the compact yet powerful LG Multi F and Multi F MAX outdoor units. Created for residential and light commercial installations, these robust multi-zone systems have the option to be installed fully ductless for optimal performance or combined with ducted systems, including the new LG 4-Way Vertical Air Handler Units (VAHUs), for increased design flexibility. The Multi F systems with LGRED also feature a SEER rating of up to 21, qualifying them for ENERGY STAR® certification, as well as eligibility for participating local utility company rebates.

LGRED° Heat technology is currently available and ready to order on the following models:

ART COOL™ Premier 9k Btu/h
ART COOL™ Premier 12k Btu/h
ART COOL™ Premier 15k Btu/h
ART COOL™ Premier 18k Btu/h
Multi F
Multi F MAX