Keep your customers comfortably warm during even the coldest winter days with industry-leading LGRED° (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) Heat Technology.
We have recently expanded our portfolio of single zone and multi-zone products with LGRED°, bringing powerful heating technology to additional single zone products and pushing the industry forward in the electrification of homes and light commercial buildings.

Find our latest products with LGRED° technology here:

Single Zone

Single Zone 4-Way Cassette: LC188HHV4, LC249HHV, LC369HHV, LC429HHV, LC489HHV
Single Zone Vertical AHU: LV181HHV4, LV241HHV4, LV361HHV4, LV420HHV, LV480HHV
Single Zone Low Static: LD187HHV4
Single Zone High Static: LH248HHV4, LH368HHV4, LH428HHV, LH488HHV

Multi Zone

Multi Zone Multi F and Multi F MAX

Products featuring LGRED° heat technology boast superior heating performance: 100% of rated heating capacity performance at 5°F and continuous heating down to -13˚F! This increased performance not only delivers heat without the reliance on fossil fuel energy sources but also operates with incredible efficiency even in the coldest climates. 

Single zone systems with LGRED° technology include several ducted and ductless options to bring powerful heating to a single space via the Art Cool Premier series or to your entire project via several ducted styles, including the popular LG Multi-position Vertical Air Handler Unit.

Multi zone systems with LGRED° technology start with the choice of an LG Multi F or Multi F MAX outdoor unit. These outdoor units have the option to be installed fully ductless for optimal efficiency or combined with ducted style indoor units for increased design flexibility. LG Multi zone systems with LGRED° can include 2 to 6 units for truly personalized comfort in up to 6 separate zones.

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All systems with LGRED° technology are ENERGY STAR® certified, and may be eligible for participating local government and utility company rebates.