Achieve a whole new degree of profitability with LG Air Conditioning Technologies

Attractive Return on Investment, compelling first costs and low Total Cost of Ownership

Imagine getting a high quality system for the all-in first cost of a simple, inexpensive system. With LG VRF it's possible! JP Morgan conducted an analysis that compared the all-in first costs of HVAC systems and determined that the reductions in the structural, mechanical and electrical costs of installing a VRF system offset the higher cost of the system itself making the all-in first cost of VRF comparable to other HVAC solutions. This means building owners can get a superior HVAC solution at a similar cost to an inexpensive, inferior system.

In addition to the competitive all-in first costs, LG VRF boasts industry-leading efficiency which contributes to substantially lower operating costs. Not to mention LG VRF is incredibly realible and easier to maintain than most conventional systems which further reduces the cost of ownership and adds to the building's value.


Enhanced efficiency without sacrificing tenant comfort

Efficiency does not mean that tenant comfort has to suffer. LG VRF features zoned control with heat recovery to maximize occupant comfort. On a single system there can be different zones in both heating and cooling simultaneously allowing for And with heat recovery the excess heat from the cooling process is redistributed to the areas calling for heat making the with the zone control of VRF each tenant is able to have their space set to different temperatures including simultaneous heating and cooling.


Seamless systems integration and superior building control

Contributing up to 16 points towards LEED certification, LG air conditioning technologies boast superior energy efficiency that reduce operating costs without sacrificing occupant comfort.