LG Hydro Kit

Water Heat & Cool

The LG Hydro Kit is a winner of the 2020 AHR EXPO Innovation Awards in the plumbing category. The Hydro Kit may be used in conjunction with single-phase Multi V S or three-phase Multi V 5 outdoor units, as well as with Multi V Water 4. The Hydro Kit system uses a refrigerant to water heat exchanger to produce chilled or heated water. Hydro Kit can be used to preheat domestic water, pool heating, snow melt, in-floor or other radiant space heating systems.

  • High temperature water heating (K3 Chassis)
  • Water cooling and medium temperature heating (K2 chassis)
  • Domestic water heating
  • Cold surface insulation
  • Factory mounted inlet/outlet water temperature sensors
  • Factory mounted internal flow switch
  • Third party thermostat interface
  • Group control
  • Remote on/off site monitoring capability via the internet 


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