LG Co-Op Kit

Marketing Assets for Our Network

We want to always make sure you have everything you need to leverage the power of the LG brand and increase your sales.

Below contains a series of pre-made marketing assets that we will personalize (free of charge) for you to use in your local marketing efforts. Additionally, the cost to place these materials in local outlets may be reimbursable for 100% of eligible co-op funds through the LG Air Conditioning Technologies Co-Op Program. Please contact your local LG sales representative for further details.

How to Request Personalized Marketing Assets

Once you have decided on an ad piece you would like to personalize, simply fill out the co-op request form

After three business days, we will send you an email notification with your customized ads that you can submit to the publications and websites of your choice. 


Don't see an asset that works for you?

Simply fill out the co-op request form and select "something else" and let us know what you are looking for and we will work to accommodate your request. 

Print Ad 1: Comfort°

Print Ad 2: Ahhh, 71°. His sweet spot.


Print Ad 3: Ahhh, 68°. Our comfort zone.


Print Ad 4: Ahhh, 72°. No complaints here.


Print Ad 5: Ahhh, the perfect temperatures for our happy places.


Half Page Ad 1: Comfort°


Half Page Ad 2: The Line Between Cozy and Cold is RED.


Quarter Page Ad 1: Comfort°


Insert 1: Ahhh, 71°. His sweet spot.


Insert 2: Ahhh, the perfect temperatures for our happy places.


Insert 3: Cookies